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Elevate Your Career.

See Where Tomorrow Takes You.

Small Firm Attention. Small Firm Feel. 

Unlimited Resources (for success) at your fingertips.

Life as a financial professional holds incredible opportunities for career success, personal fulfillment, and client satisfaction. At the same time, today’s highly competitive, increasingly regulated world can feel like an endless series of hoops to jump through and headaches to manage.
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We believe you deserve more from your career.

At Tomorrow’s Financial Services (TFS), we have helped hundreds of ambitious, principled financial advisors like you achieve their dreams since 1976.

TFS BuildingThe TFS Advantage

As a privately owned business, our priority is to foster a supportive environment that encourages all of our advisors and clients to excel. We don’t have outside investors, shareholders or private-equity firms pushing us to cut costs or corners. Instead, we offer total transparency, stable management, and complete independence.

When you join TFS, you gain a full suite of incredibly sophisticated resources — and direct access to every member of our firm’s leadership. As a result, you can provide your clients with the best possible service and support, while maintaining ownership of your book.

A Partner for Today — and Tomorrow

Chances are, you talk to your clients about their long-term goals — How the choices they make today have a powerful impact on the life they live tomorrow. Every day, you help them seize the opportunities that will bring their dreams to life.

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Are you doing the same for your own career?

With TFS, you can find true independence, long-term growth and the support you need. Unlike firms who offer big signing bonuses that come with even bigger strings attached, we will be your ally and advocate for the rest of your career. Our team will help you become each client’s primary trusted advisor, the person they turn to whenever they have a question or concern in their financial life.

And most importantly, with our firm, you will have the freedom and ability to better serve your clients’ full wealth management needs.

When you join TFS, you can build the future you desire:

Compete more effectively

Improve your productivity

Grow your income

Increase your profitability

Streamline your operations


What to Expect With TFS

woman sitting outside workingAt TFS, you are free to run your practice your way. From market niche and revenue style to office location and hiring choices, you maintain control. And, you will never have to push proprietary products or meet sales quotas, so you can focus on your clients’ best interests, rather than corporate demands.

Man holding baby at deskWe believe hard work deserves to be rewarded. So, we not only offer very competitive compensation — but we also provide a wide range of bonus opportunities. We’ll show you the many ways you can boost revenue with production bonuses, management overrides, overhead reimbursement programs and other lucrative opportunities.

3 People sitting at desk workingWe won’t dictate how you grow your practice, but we will be by your side providing support and insight that help you get to the next level. TFS Practice Management Consultants can guide you in all areas including selecting office space, comparing IT solutions, analyzing client agreements and navigating your prior contractual obligations.

Hands in a circleWe provide a suite of technology services that will make your work more efficient and connected. Our goal is to makeevery tool and resource you need to do your job accessible wherever and whenever you need it: forms, research, rates, trades, statements, financial planning and more.

4 people at a table looking at graphsChange can feel daunting, but we are here to ease your burdens. Our experienced Transition Task Force will help you make the move to independence with confidence through each step. We’ll even save you hours and hassle by printing all of your transition forms with pre-populated client, representative and broker-dealer data.

Team members sitting in a circleUltimately, our compliance team is here to protect your practice without holding you back. We know you need to connect with clients and prospects — but at many firms, compliance can be so bureaucratic and oppressive that it feels like sales prevention. So, we bring a collaborative, supportive perspective to our reviews, and work one-on-one with advisors to make intelligent business decisions while ensuring suitable and appropriate recommendations for our clients.

Curvy highwayTake charge of your future by building a book of business you own and control. When the time comes for you to retire, we will help you find the best opportunity to maximize the value of the business you’ve worked so hard to build. Whether you want to grow a team that spans generations — or you’d rather sell your practice — we will support and assist you with solutions that uphold your goals, needs and values. At TFS, we work closely with our advisors to custom tailor succession and continuity planning strategies to their unique objectives.


The TFS Family of Companies

As a member of our team, you will have direct access to all of our affiliated firms’ services and leadership. Our advisor-centric culture and commitment to world-class service afford you synchronized support with every interaction.

TFS Securities, Inc.

TFS Securities, Inc.

Home to independent financial professionals since 1987, TFS Securities, Inc. is one of the few remaining boutique broker dealers in our industry. Here, you can enjoy one-on-one service, personalized training, and freedom from bureaucracy. You’ll even have a say in where the company goes, because our leadership will know and listen to you.

But don’t let our size fool you. We have licenses to transact business in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. And with state-of-the-art technology that rivals our largest competitors — along with a payout up to 98% — you’ll quickly see why our approach catapults advisors‘ careers.

TFS Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

TFS Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

Insurance is a valuable part of most wealth management strategies, but we think you should be free to choose the offerings that best suit your clients’ needs — rather than having to push proprietary products or meet quotas. TFS Insurance Brokerage represents more than 50 carriers, and we will help you find the options that fit your clients’ unique situations.

Simplify your work and earn highly competitive compensation with our state-of-the art producer website, quoting tools, status engine, and fully automated back office.

TFS Mortgage Corporation, Inc.

TFS Mortgage Corporation, Inc.

Proper financial planning and wealth management addresses more than just assets. Managing debts and liabilities is critical. When your clients need to purchase a home, refinance a mortgage, or incorporate more advanced leveraging strategies, they should turn to you. TFS Mortgage Corporation helps you deepen your role as a primary trusted advisor by offering the service and options your clients deserve. Our simple Mortgage Express Program eliminates paperwork hassles and makes offering home lending easier than ever.

Further your client support and generate additional revenue with all the tools, technology, and products to meet ANY client’s mortgage planning needs.

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TFS Advisory Services

TFS Advisory Services

We are proud to help you meet clients’ complex investment needs through our Comprehensive Fee-Based Investment Advisory Program. This open-architecture platform will provide all the tools you need to manage your clients’ portfolios to provide the optimum return for their time horizon and risk tolerance. Our Advisor Dashboard will give you access to a sophisticated Client Proposal Generation System; hundreds of money managers, asset allocation and research tools; an extensive menu of Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds; Integrated Financial Planning Solutions; and so much more.

Focus your time on gathering assets and managing key client relationships while enjoying a steady stream of fee revenue.